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“Amazing Toy”
Verified Buyer!

By Jaden & Isabella from Glen Rock, NJ on 08/01/2016

“It's so great. My grandchildren love it. They play with it and use it as a pillow to sleep with. They take it with them everywhere they go. ”
“Granddaughters Delight”
Verified Buyer!

By Pop from Pottsville, PA on 08/01/2016

“Megan received her Flipazoo yesterday for her 5th birthday and was absolutely delighted. She carried her dragon/unicorn around all day and showed it off to people in stores and at the restaurant. At Olive Garden, she discovered that she could sit on it and use it as a booster. BIG HIT! *Since she only got it yesterday, have no real idea of durability and have had no interaction with Customer Service, so only gave 3 stars since had to put something to submit review.”
Verified Buyer!

By Londyn's Mom from Park River, ND on 08/01/2016

“The large animal is perfect. The small one seemed like maybe the fabric of the flip part could be a bit bigger so that it flips easier. It's a tight squeeze. My daughter LOVES them. We have the dragon/unicorn one. It's so silly to play with.”

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